3:18pm August 26, 2013


This man will NEVER! grow up. - I’m love with Peter Pan 2.0

3:14pm June 8, 2012

Update 6/8/2012


So I guess I should update this thing huh? Well, I’ll probably have pictures of pancakes and cookies up later. I’m going to be making chocolate-chocolate chip pancakes for dinner tonight. Hazah~! 

The girls want them, so I’m doing it. 

And then I’m making chocolate chip and reeces chip cookies tonight. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. xD I’m a fattie. Yup. 

I think I still have a Mother’s day cake to show you guys, but I haven’t….gotten up off my arse and done it yet. xD I also have some Avenger’s inspired lingeurie coming. Did I just say that? Yes, yes, I did.

I’m obsessed, what can I say? But yes, Totally doodling (yes, doodling. Drawing would mean I’m actually trying to look neat) these out. I’ve gotten them all except Ironman’s. His is hard. I just want to give the dummie I’m drawing on his arc over the chest, add string over the nipples and call it a day. xD Not my fault. It’s Robert Downey Jr.’s character….and shit, we all know Tony would look fine with just the reactor there.*cough* 

Okay! Moving on :D
What else to update on? Oh! I’m getting an A in my math class I’m taking over the summer. It’s the last prereq I need for my baking degree. Needless to say, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. 90.1. Hey, dude, if you knew how much I HATE MATH and don’t get it most of the time, a 90 is an accomplishment. xD Especially for someone like me. 
(Then why are you going for a BAKING DEGREE?) 

Because I love to bake. And it outweighs the hatred I have for math. xD 
Own it now. Dude. Yes. Just, mah. YES.

Okay, so now im just sitting here fangirling over shit. xD So I’mma go….do stuff. xD I’ll have pictures up hopefully tonight or tomorrow of the cookies and pancakes.

Prepare your dash for food porn.
It is coming.


7:01pm June 6, 2012
OH DEM HIPS…MMM..DAMN’T MAN. Yes, I added the words. xD

Yes, I added the words. xD